Over the past successive years, the State of Kelantan has enjoyed tremendous growth and prosperity in its economy. This has been reflected by the speed of the development and the rising of investment opportunities in the commercial and industrial sectors, which have led to the development and improvement of the communication and infrastructure system being given a high priority by the State and Federal Authority under the New Economic Policy.

A major engine of growth is now the manufacturing sector which is the largest contributor to the Gross Economic Product. Productive capacity in this sector is expanding as both domestic and foreign investors, particularly Japanese, European, Taiwanese and Singaporean, continue to favour this country because of the investment incentive offered and the reasonable infrastructure facilities.

Thus, in order to cater with the needs of this rapid growth and development, SERI BARAT MIXED SDN. BHD. was incorporated in 1983 by a team of high calibre professional with varied experience and the main objectives are to render their utmost expertise and service in contributing to the excellence achievement and success of the Government’s aspiration policies and objectives.

SERI BARAT MIXED SDN. BHD., is an established Company with its major source of revenue continues to be derived from construction sector and premix production. The Company has been continuously recorded with highly creditable performance by registering with increased turnover and profits consistent with the strong growth of productivity since its incorporation.

The Company recognizes the importance of Quality as one strong aspect in achieving long term business commitments towards customers satisfaction. In September 1998, SERI BARAT MIXED SDN. BHD. has been awarded the MS ISO 9002:1994 Quality System Certification. A strict quality control and inspection has been exercised and monitored at every stage of the production process to ensure the premix will achieve certification standard and meet customers satisfaction. In due to maintain our quality products, we have upgraded our certificate whereby in Oct 2002 our company has been awarded the new upgraded certification known as MS ISO 9001:2000 series.


Through the business diversification and expansion programme, KUARI DINAR SDN BHD has been incorporated in 1989 to explore business opportunities under the new economic policy. The Company which is located at Kg Star, Gua Musang, Kelantan and is currently engaged in limestone quarry operations and premix to cater for the increasing demand from the rapid growth of the construction industry in Southern Kelantan.
Thus, in order to cater with the needs of this rapid growth and development, DAMAI KUARI SDN BHD which was incorporated in 1986 and is operating Quarry and Premix Plant at Mukim Relai, Daerah Chiku, Gua Musang. This company was acquired by KUARI DINAR SDN BHD in early 2003. The quarry is situated 3’ km away from the starting point of the highway “Chiku to Kuala Berang”. is best viewed by Internet Explorer 8.x or higher, Mozilla Firefox® 10.x or higher, Safari 5.1 or higher,
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